Oil Marketers Increase Grip on Petroleum Sales.

Kenya’s big five oil marketing companies (OMCs) have extended their stranglehold on petroleum sales according to new data.

The new data from the Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) ranks the country’s top OMCs by total petroleum sales.

The big five include Vivo Energy which operates Shell-branded petrol stations, Total, Rubis, Ola and Oryx.“The top five companies had a combined market share of 59.94 per cent in 2020.

The figure rose to 61.34 per cent in 2021, indicating waning growth in mid-tier companies,” PIEA stated.

Vivo remains the market leader with a consolidated market share of 22.89 per cent, ranked by petroleum sales.

Vivo’s overall market share including exports nevertheless stands at a lower 17.15 per cent.

The PIEA data aligns with that of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) which placed the market share of the big five OMCs at 56.1 per cent at the end of 2021 from 55.3 per cent in the prior year.

Other top OMCs as listed by the energy sector regulator include Gulf Energy, Tosha Petroleum, Hass Petroleum, Be Energy, Lake Oil, Galana Oil, the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) and Petro Oil.

Minority OMCs including non-branded dealers meanwhile hold a market share of 26 per cent.Retail outlets (petrol stations) continue to dominate petroleum consumption at 49 per cent in 2021 ahead of resellers, civil aviation, other commercial sectors, transport & communications.

Vivo Energy leads with the largest retail outlet market share at 32.3 per cent while Oryx leads in re-sales with a 15.93 per cent market share as of the end of last year.

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