Congolese Singer Gaz Mawete on His Puzzle Tour 1

Gaz Mawete Congolese singer, songwriter and dancer originally from DRC did not disappoint his fans after performing live in Germany.

The event which was organised by Europes Top African Organisers; TOKOSS EVENTS and I LOVE FUFU EVENTS.

Africans travelled from all over Europe to experience an African revolution of Congolese Music in Germany.

“His songs is an inspiration to many and today we have witnessed what African Music means to our souls, tonight he has made my heart go miam miam ,” one ot the fans Aggy Appiah from Ghana currently based in in Dusseldorf told RFM

” Miam Miam” is the latest Project done by Gaz Mawete feat Keblack three weeks ago.

Gaz Mawete was in 2011 candidate for VODACOM CONGO and since then He is known for his Song “Olingi Nini” that went viral on YouTube with over 5million views.

The singer is on his PUZZLE TOUR 1. and yet to perform in different Countries in Europe and Africa at large.

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