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Wajackoyah to Eliminate Boda Bodas if Elected the President.

Roots Party presidential aspirant Prof. George Wajackoyah now says his government will do away with the boda boda sector if he clinches the country’s presidency at the August polls.

Speaking during a campaign rally in Busia on Saturday, Wajackoyah said the sector will be transformed by his legalization of marijuana agenda, which he insists will offer Kenya economic freedom.

The presidential hopeful argued that if he ascends to power, his agenda of legalizing the hemp would create a lot of capital, therefore boda boda riders will not need to hang around in their current jobs which have limited potential for growth.

“They (boda boda riders) will be at the forefront cultivating and exporting bhang to generate millions of money for the country,” Wajackoyah said.

He went on to allude that the sector in his tenure will collapse since most Kenyans will generate enough income to lead decent lives, hence it will be inconsequential.

“We shall not need boda bodas on our roads because there will be nobody to carry since most Kenyans will be millionaires with money we will generate through bhang exportation,” he said.

Since starting his campaigns, the controversial politician has been wooing voters countrywide with his agenda of legalising bhang

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