Irene Gakwa a Kenyan Nurse Goes Missing in the United States.

Irene Gakwa,32-year-old is a Kenyan nurse who went missing in late February from her home where she used to live with her boyfriend in Gillete,Wyoming County.

The family in Rongai, Kajiado County is now pleading to law enforcers in the United States to help in finding their missing daughter whom they can’t tell if she is alive or dead.

Irene Gakwa left Kenya in 2019 in search of a better life and further her studies in the United States before she went missing in late February 2022.

“When Wairimu responses and communications were not verbal anymore the message I received was that when her phone dropped in water the communication could not be done verbally and so I understood maybe the day after tomorrow she would have a phone to communicate but never came to be …,” says Francis Kambo – Irene’s Father.  

Kambo says they continued to communicate via WhatsApp messages although her written messages sounded odd unlike before when she could mix Swahili and Kikuyu, her responses were only in English and there he sensed something was amiss.He shared his concerns with his two sons who are also living in the US .

“That very day he said she is not responding, I called the second born and he told me I will get to her he tried and there was no response, I said call her they called and there no response,” added the father.

The search begun in San Antonio, Texas where she had allegedly moved to after complaining of cold in Wyoming but she was nowhere to be found. The brothers then took the search to her boyfriend Nathan Hightman’s place in Gillete City.

“They went there and they got the guy they asked him, he could not talk then they went to the police and reported after reporting the police went to talk to him he refused to talk and he referred them to the lawyer and that was that,” says Kambo

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