Uhuru’s CSs to Remain in Office until President William Ruto Names his Cabinet.

Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries who were appointed by former President Uhuru Kenyatta are set to remain in office until his successor William Ruto appoints new cabinet secretaries.

This, according to a circular released by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, is to ensure there is no vacuum during the intervening period of the transition from Kenyatta to President Ruto’s administration.

“As earlier notified vide our circulars Ref. No. OPJCAB.42/IA of 2O’ June, 2022 and Ref No. CAS/GEN.3/16Vol.III/(22) of 3P August, 2022, the transition from the Fourth Administration to the Fifth Administration continues apace and shall only conclude when appointments to the Cabinet and the senior ranks of the Executive are concluded,” Kinyua stated.

“It is therefore reiterated that the tenure of Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries currently in Office will only lapse on appointment and swearing-in of a successor Cabinet Secretary or Principal Secretary as the case may be by the Head of State and Government; or upon a reorganization of Government by His Excellency the President that affects a particular docket.”

The Public Service boss further stated that, in the meantime, the roles of the CSs and their respective PSs remain confined to general administration only.

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