Sakaja Announces Annual Nairobi Festival

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has announced that the city will celebrate an annual Nairobi Festival to appreciate Nairobi’s diverse food, culture and art.

Speaking at a meeting with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sakaja said the festival would take place in the month of December after the Jamhuri day celebrations.

It would also be an opportunity to celebrate the globally popularised matatu culture Kenyan mini-buses are known for.

“In December, we will set aside some streets to display culture, food, creativity, have the nganya awards for the best done matatus, have rugby, football and basketball tournaments and many other activities…When we say we want to be pro-business it is not just passive to stop harassment of traders but we want to be proactive to facilitate and promote. There are many archaic laws including those that hamper creativity and innovation and we are going to weed those out,” he said.

The governor also said the festival is going to offer an opportunity for the residents to celebrate the “vibe of the city.”

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