Dan Ojowo to Vie for Presidency in the Forth Coming Elections

Dan Ojowo a Kenyan by nationality aged 42 years-old has announced that is ready to be the next president of the republic of Kenya  in the  2027 elections.

He will be running on a party ticket on an AP Party leader ticket which is not affiliated to neither Azimio nor UDA party ticket.

Speaking in a media address on October 18,2022 Ojowo urged   Kenyans to come out  and stand for the right path for the nation of Kenya now .

Ojowo also added that institutions such as the IEBC,the Supreme Court are being watered down and no one seems to be standing and defending for the common mwananchi.

The presidential aspirant come the year 2027 also noted that many  cases are withdrawn and most are corruption cases.

“We can’t let our country to go into drains its high time for us to stand up and say enough is enough,”Dan Ojawa said.

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