China’s Former Leader Jiang Zemin Dies at 96.

China’s former prominent  leader Jiang Zemin, has died at 96,state news agency announced.

State media said he had died just after 12:00 local time (04:00 GMT), in Shanghai, on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a statement, Jiang  is said have died of leukaemia and multiple organ failure.

He has left behind his wife,his two sons and two grandchildren.


Jiang presided over a time when China opened up on a vast scale and saw high-speed growth.

His death comes as China sees some of its most serious protests since Tiananmen, with many demonstrating against Covid restrictions.

Jiang was recognised “as an outstanding leader with high prestige” and “a long-tested Communist fighter”.

Under his stewardship, a formidable economy was forged, the Communists tightened their grip on power, and China took its place at the top table of world powers.

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