Root Party Leader Wajackoyah Banned from going to Tanzania.

Roots party leader George Wajackoyah now claims that the Tanzanian government has issued a red alert banning  him from setting foot in the neighboring country.

Wajackoyah says he was in Tanzania two days ago as a guest of these Chadema party and was mistreated by Tanzanian authorities.

The Roots Party leader says while in Arusha he was detained for a long time only to be later informed that there was a red alert barring him from getting into Tanzania.

Wajackoyah says he was shocked with the treatment from Tanzania adding that he is demanding for an explanation from both Kenya and Tanzania governments.

Speaking  in Kisumu on Friday, he said the Kenyan government is suspiciously quiet about his tribulations in Tanzania.

Wajackoyah says he has given the Kenyan government a period of seven days to respond on the matter and press Tanzania to come out clean on the travel ban imposed on him.

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