Raila Condemns Security Operation Conducted at Matiangi’s Home.

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has strongly condemned the security operation conducted at the home of former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i in Karen Nairobi on Wednesday night.

Raila  arrived at Matiang’i’s home at around 10 pm, termed the operation as “completely unacceptable”, saying it was an affront to the rule of law.

“They say the more things change the more they remain the same. We are now witnessing what this country has been through before. The times of late-night arrests and detention without any charges. There is no reason why police should be coming to somebody’s home at this hour of the night when people are asleep,”Raila said.

“If Matiang’i has committed a crime warranting his arrest that should be made public and known to him and then he can present himself for interrogation,” said Odinga.

“This idea of arresting senior citizens at this hour of the night is something that is completely repugnant to civilization. This is completely unacceptable,”he added.


“I have said it and I will repeat it again…We are dealing with an illegal regime. A regime that usurped power from the people of Kenya. The people of Kenya will not take this lying down… This will not be accepted. We will stand with Matiang’i and anybody else to ensure the law of this country is respected.”


The team of security officers spotted at Matiang’i’s home is reported to have driven away soon after the media broke the news of the operation.

Police Raid Former Interior CS Matiangi’s Home.

Police have  raided  Matiangi’s Nairobi home on Wednesday night.

The reason as to why the police have raided his home has not yet been revealed to the public.

According to reports from the media,sleuths arrived and surrounded his Karen home in an attempt to arrest him for reasons not known.

The Orange democratic movement official communication director, Etale, said the police arrived in five vehicles to arrest the former interior cabinet secretary.

,”Former CS Dr Fred Matiang’i is under siege. His house has been surrounded by five police vehicles. They want to attest him. Happening now,”Etale said.

Three Police Officers Arrested while Demanding Ksh 200K from Two University Students.

Three police constables were arrested on Tuesday after allegedly harassing two university students and demanding a Ksh.100,000 bribe from each.

According to a police report from the Lang’ata police station, Victor Khisa, John Odhiambo, and Timothy Otieno confronted Alvin Kyalo, a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), and Robert Mutugi, a student at Daystar University, at the T-M all’s entrance after having lunch at the nearby Magharib building.

The officers, who were dressed in civilian clothes, arrested the two for alleged bhang possession.

Kyalo was then loaded into a white Toyota Vitz, while Mutugi was loaded into a silver Toyota Premio with three occupants, one in full jungle uniform and two others in civilian attire.

“The two were held in the said vehicles for more than four hours. They were forced to call their parents and send one hundred thousand each in order to secure their release or be taken into custody,” read part of the statement.

Mutugi was then led to a nearby M-Pesa agent, where he was forced to withdraw Ksh.10K from his father and another Ksh.10K which he had with him.

He was then set free.

Kyalo then called his mother, who works in the city centre, according to reports. When she arrived, the officers allegedly demanded Ksh.100,000 to secure her son’s release.

She also refused to get into a police vehicle, according to the police report, instead requesting permission to withdraw money from the mall.

“She told them to wait for her as she withdrew the cash at t- mall. At T-Mall she met police officers from Nyayo police post who were on patrol and reported the incident. The officers rushed to where the two motor vehicles were parked and managed to arrest two suspects who were in the Vitz and rescued Kyalo,” stated the statement.

According to the police report, one student claimed that the suspects assaulted him.

Following their arrests, it was discovered that the officers were assigned to the Lang’ata K9 unit.

They were held at the Langata police station pending their arraignment.


Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in Kenya for a Two-Day Offici

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki jetted in the country on  Wednesday for a two-day  official visit in Kenya.

President William Ruto will Thursday hold bilateral talks with his Eritrean counterpart,


“The official visit presents an opportunity for the two countries to reinvigorate their bilateral relations and explore areas of mutual cooperation, including agriculture, trade and investment, air transport, energy and mining,” said State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed in a statement.

“Other key mutual interests are education, tourism, security and the blue economy.”

Kenya and Eritrea enjoy cordial relations premised on a common desire for peaceful co-existence and national development for the mutual benefit of the two countries.

Twenty-Three-Years Old Boy Elvis Kiiru,Dies in a Road Accident in Rome.


Elvis Munyi Kiiru aged 23  years-old is reported to have died on 28th of January after he was involved in a road accident in Rome.

He was born on 2nd August, 1999 and died on 28th January,2023.

” I lost my Son Elvis Munyi Kiiru recently. He was involved in a road accident in Rome on the 28th of January. He was run over by a bus and died on impact. He was only 23 years old, my firstborn child,”Kiiru’s mother said.

Kinyua was a former student at the University of Siena, Italy where he successfully completed one-year foundation studies.

He was later  admitted and enrolled at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences in Germany to further his studies.

He died while awaiting the processing of his study visa from the German embassy in Rome.

According to the mother,he identified the  body of the deceased on 29th January.

“I identified his body on the 29th of January. Yes! without doubt it was my beloved son. A sight that will forever cut through my heart,”Kiiru’s mother said.

The police said that Kinyua was runover by the rear tyres of the bus.

Investigations into the incident are undeway to establish what happened to Kinyua.




Death Toll Surpasses 5000 in Turkey and Syria

At least 5,021 deaths have now been confirmed in Turkey and Syria after a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the region early on Monday.

Turkey’s death toll rose to at least 3,419, Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay said in a televised briefing on Tuesday.

At least 20,534 people have been reported injured, Oktay said.

So far, 11,000 buildings have been reported damaged in Turkey, Orhan Tatar, an official with the country’s disaster management agency, said in a televised briefing earlier.

Nearly 25,000 emergency responders are working at scenes impacted, he added.

In Syria, the death toll has risen to at 1,602 across government-controlled areas and opposition-controlled areas, officials said.

At least 3,649 people have been reported injured across the country, according to officials.

This article contains figures as of 1.00 PM, EAT.

Azimio Threatens Disciplinary Action Against Mps Attending Ruto’s Meeting.

On Tuesday, 7th February 2023 the president of Kenya His Excellency William Samoei RutoRuto held a meeting in State House with 9  National Assembly leaders who are from Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.


The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance has broken their silence concerning the same information threatening to take action against those who are disloyal to Raila Amollo Odinga.

Azimio coalition has called for a must-attend meeting of their National Assembly members on Thursday, a meeting that will be attended by party honchos.

“We are going to use that opportunity to take count of our troops as we gear up for the second session of the National Assembly. We must always try to find out how the troops are doing we want to see if they are still intact, and therefore it’s in order to take stock of the gains we have made and the possible losses we might have incurred since we went for the long recess,” Wandayi said.

Despite saying attendance of the ongoing political meetings is not mandatory, Wandayi said Thursday’s meeting is a must-attend.

“We have made it very clear that we want every Azimio MP to attend, of course, there might be cases that are beyond our control, but we want everyone to attend, and we will treat every case on its merit. We can’t assume that all those not attending are rebelling,” he said.

However, MPs who attended the meeting with President Ruto earlier today have dismissed claims that they are rebelling against their party leader.

“We went to follow up on the meetings we had when President Ruto toured Nyanza, and he has assured us that the projects we discussed will be implemented,” said Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda.

Ochanda insisted no politics was discussed during the early morning meeting and even claimed there will be a follow-up meeting next week.

“It’s not true that we are rebelling against the party, we never talked about politics, it was all about development, and we will be attending the Parliamentary Group meeting. Politics and development are two different things and we will continue following our party,” Ochanda said.


Mp JOhn Mbadi to Quit as ODM Party Chairman


ODM Party Chairman John Mbadi now says he is ready to resign  from the party leadership.

Mbadi, who has been at loggerheads with a section of party members since the conclusion of the last General Election, says he has done his bit as the ODM chair for the last 9 years.

The nominated MP has been accused by a section of members of sabotaging the party leader by not attending rallies that have been held by the Azimio coalition in Nairobi City.

“Those who think being chairman is so important to them let them offer themselves to lead, I am very ready to leave the position to them, right now I am the chair but I am not dying to be the chair, I have done by bit they took away my position as the minority leader.

“I am still alive, they can still take away the chairmanship, I will still be alive. I want to repeat it for the record, I want to leave this position of ODM chair,” Mbadi declared.

Mbadi says his party leader Raila Odinga already knows his position on the issue, and the only impediment as of now is that there is no vice chairperson to hand over the mantle to.

“I am not a person to run away from the office before we get good succession, I want to be succeeded, and still I will serve the party in whatever capacity. You know some people think being a chair is something I am dying for, far from the truth, I have done my bit,” he added.

Mbadi came short of declaring he will not be attending the rallies as he said he has better avenues to address issues that pertain to the party.

“The same people at one point did not want me to attend the rallies, so since when did they discover that my attendance to rallies is important? I have other forums to address the party issues. I am better of even in parliament articulating issues of the party,” Mbadi retorted.

Mbadi, who has served as the party chair for the last 9 years, says its time fresh blood came in to lead, adding that he will support the next chair.

He however says he is still a staunch follower of Raila Odinga and he can’t speak against what Raila stands for.

“I am the chairman of the party and I can’t speak against what the party leader says. I will have to resign for me to do that, otherwise, we won’t have a party it will be chaos,” he said.

Child Eaten by Hyena as Drought Strucks Marsabit


A child was on Saturday night attacked and parts of his body eaten by a hyena in Balaah area near Korr, Marsabit County.

Officials said a severe drought which has ravaged the northern county has now led to hyena attacks in the villages.

Six people had on Sunday been confirmed dead due to starvation in the Balaah area alone.

Marsabit’s south-eastern neighbor, Isiolo, on Saturday declared a State of Emergency as nine out of 10 wards in the County grapple with drought.

Leaders from the county, who called on the government to declare it a national disaster, said the situation in the North is worsening each day.

The communities in Isiolo rely on livestock for their livelihood and are staring at a serious crisis as the drought has claimed more than 80 per cent of their animals.

Small rivers have dried up in the region and now women and children are forced to travel tens of kilometers in search of the precious commodity.

River Ewaso Nyiro that flows through the county to the neighbouring country of Somalia has not been spared, as the water levels have been decreasing in the last 4 years.

Residents are worried that the river may dry up completely in what has been termed the worst drought in four decades.

According to the Isiolo county government, tension is high in parts of the county due to conflict over limited resources.

Cases of malnutrion in children and lactating mothers continue to be reported on a daily basis in most parts of the region.

This, compounded with the high cost of living, has made it difficult for residents to put a meal on the table.

Form Two Student Drowns in River Nzoia in Bungoma

A form two student who had just reported to school drowned in River Nzoia.

According to reports, Steven Ongadi Choko – a Form 2 student at Pwani Secondary school  had left the school to fetch water in the company of other students  when he drowned.

The school is located in Tongeren Constituency, in Bungoma County.

Kabuyefwe area chief Kennedy Barasa and the Assistant Commissioner Joseph Achumi confirmed the incident.

“The students left the school last evening to go and fetch water. Unfortunately, one of them drowned,” said Tongarem Member of Parliament Mr. John Chikati, who also visited the scene on Sunday.

“The school is almost three kilometers away from the river. I wonder why a teacher was not sent to accompany the children to the river given these are minors,” added Chikati.

The body was retrieved on Sunday afternoon by divers who had been combing through the floor of the river since Saturday evening.

The divers were on Sunday evening given a sheep to slaughter at the scene of the incident, reportedly as the Bukusu traditions demand.

The body was taken to Lugulu hospital mortuary.