About Us

A Visual-Radio FM station with online Audio and Video Streaming Based in Stuttgart City,  Germany having a branch in Nairobi Kenya, Europe’s No. 1 African Station for Afronews, Afrobeats, and The world’s Hits. Updates Happenings in African Countries, Interviews, and Experiences of Africans and their Friends Living in Europe and worldwide.

Being in The limelight since June 2019 as a single Bedsitter, in January 2020 RFM Joined Freies Radio with weekly Shows Each Tuesday from 10 pm -24hrs and Wednesdays from 6 am to 10 am. September 2020 RFM was launched as Online audio and video streaming Radio Station.


To use The music platform to Promote and celebrate the Young Talented African Youths in Diaspora and Represent the African Continent.


Teach Africans and Caribbean’s living in Diaspora what is available to them and in their environment.


Celebration of African and Caribbean culture through Food, Fashion, games Drink discussion dancing, and Music.


Aside From the RFM community online, events will always bring together the wider African Community to meet face to face making them feel at home away from home.

How Do we do it?

We play our part by educating people not only in Germany but worldwide through our online Audio, Video Streaming, and social media platforms reaching people in France, the United Kingdom, the USA, Kenya, Ghana, and many Countries. We gain this advantage as most of our shows are in the English Language

Audience Target:-

The main target of this Radio is young people. RFM Radio station Represents Africans aged 20 years and above based in Diaspora to all over the Word to Air their Voice. These people can understand the content and the advice given by this station since they are mature enough to understand each concept. On the other hand, RFM also targets young people who are aged between 13 years to 17 years old. Most often we seek to cater to the needs of the teenagers who are of African Origin Based in Diaspora, through culture delivery and adventurous content.