Kenyans to Pay Ksh 20,000 in Fine for Failing to Properly Sort Garbage.

Kenyans will soon be forced to pay Ksh.20,000 in fine for failing to properly sort garbage from their homes before disposing it if President Uhuru Kenyatta signs into law the Sustainable Waste Management Bill 2021.

The Bill that was passed by the Senate last week now puts Kenyans at risk of the fine or a jail term of not less than six months or both if they are found guilty of not separating organic wastes from recyclable wastes.

The move by Parliament to pass the Bill is aimed at circular waste management, which according to the director of environmental education and awareness Dr. Ayub Macharia, is a game-changer.

“The linear waste management model was a problem because we mixed all forms of waste hence making it hard to segment them for recycling. It is also the reason for many landfills popping up in some residential places which also affect the climate,” Dr. Macharia said.

If President Kenyatta signs the Bill into law, waste collectors will be contracted and organized by the government so as to ensure that, among others, waste is not dumped on open sites.

Under the new law, the county government will also be required to license and regulate private garbage collectors.

Dr. Macharia, however, noted that the new system of waste management will face great resistance from the public since most people may not comply with the garbage collection fee to run the circular economy mode

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